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Product Description

  • Instrument Introduction

Bio-Reader200 microplate reader is a high-quality microplate reader based on a monochromator, with a wavelength range of 200~1000 nm. It can be used for spectral scanning, endpoint method and kinetic detection. Suitable for 96-well plates and 384-well plates with and without lids. Bio-Reader200 can be shaken and cultured in microplates, and the culture temperature is up to 45 °C. It can be operated independently through the built-in software of the instrument, and also can be operated by the Readerlt-II analysis software.


  • Instrument Features


High Quality Data and Stable Performance

  • The optional system makes sure the high quality data and stabilized performance of Bio-Reader200.
  • Double beam optional system has the reference optional channel system, which make the data more stabilization;
  • After the instrument is started, the light source, grating, detector, position, etc. are automatically calibrated to ensure stable and reliable operation of the instrument;
  • Long life xenon lamp which can be used for 109 times.


Choose Detection Wavelength Freely with Raster

  • Bio-Reader200 adopts the xenon flash lamp as light source, which chooses the wavelength range from 200-1000 nm with 1 nm step by grating monochromator for the full spectrum scanning.


u-Nano Ultra-Micro Plate

  • Quickly complete high-throughput quantification of micro nucleic acid and proteins without samples dilution;
  • Independent lower computer software, can quickly read the sample concentration and purity report;
  • 1~16 samples can be detected at the same time, only 2~4 μL sample volume is needed;
  • During continuous testing, you only need to wipe off the last batch of samples with dust-free paper.


Cuvette Mode (Bio-Reader200HT Model)

  • Independent cuvette slot;
  • Detection wavelength 200~1000 nm;
  • With incubation function, RT+4 °C to 45 °C;
  • Independent cuvette software can be directly used for endpoint method, kinetics, spectral scanning and standard curve establishment.


Bio-Reader200 Instrument Interface Can Be Used Independently for Rapid Detection

  • Bio-Reader200 built-in software is designed for independent use of the instrument. With a 10-inch high-resolution touch screen and a graphical user interface, the editing of programs and template presets are very simple.
  • In addition, support for USB data export is fast, convenient and easy to operate.


Through PC Software, Advanced Detection Mode and Powerful Data Analysis Can Be Set

  • Readerlt-ll software designed with graphical operation interface has a simulation demonstration function. Data export is convenient and fast, and detailed result reports can be generated through built-in tools. The built-in software and Readerlt-ll of the Bio-Reader200 instrument are both Chinese/English interfaces. It is convenient for customers to use.


Powerful and Flexible Software

  • User Authority Classification
  • Powerful Data Analysis And Process
  • Standard Curve Library. The instrument is equipped with a standard curve library. The standard curve established in the first experiment can be stored in the standard curve library, which is convenient for direct being used in the next experiment. No need to build a standard curve every time, more convenient and faster.
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) , upload instrument data directly to a computer with an FTP server, and users can view the data results at any time in the authorized folder.
  • Multiple Report Export Types, The instrument comes with four data file export modes: Excel, TXT, CSV and PDF.


  • Instrument parameters
Model Bio-Reader200/Bio-Reader200HT (Cuvette Mode)
Display 10 inch touch screen
Light source Xenon lamp
Wavelength range 200 – 1000 nm with 1 nm steps
Wavelength accuracy 2 nm
Tepetition 0.2 nm
Wavelength selection Monochromator
Read-out range 0 – 4.0 OD
Half-bandwidth of filters <2.5 nm


Two silicon photoelectric detector, one for measurement, another for reference
Linearity @450 nm R²≥0.999,[0.0-3.0Abs]
Accuracy @450 nm ±(1.0 %+0.003Abs),(0~2.0 Abs]; ±2.0 %,(2.0~2.5Abs]
Precision @450 nm


CV <0.5 % or SD<0.003 accurate model; CV <1.0 % fast mode
Test speed


8 seconds with 96-well plate (fast mode); 28 seconds with 96-well plate (accurate model)
Plate shaking Linear; three options for speed
Incubator RT + 4 ℃~45 ℃
User interface Integrated software or PC control software
Analysis software ReaderIt-II
User interface Touch screen, android system, 10 inch touch screen, external keyboard & mouse
Storage 16G, more than 20,000 test records
Port 2 USB A type ports, 1 USB B type port, 1 Ethernet port
Automated system Temporarily incompatible with automated systems
Power supply DC24 V, 6.67 A
Dimension (W×D×H) mm 300×500×260 mm
Weight 15.5 kg


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