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Product Description


BNT-V4.0 automatic filter integrity tester is the filter material and filter system integrity test of special equipment, it can be bubble point and diffusion flow (forward flow) method, water intrusion test method to detect filtering accuracy and completeness of filter and filtration systems. Test methods meet FDA, National Pharmacopoeia and the GMP standards for sterile filter validation requirements.


Main feature:

1, 5.7 “digital LCD display with backlight, clear display;

2, pure Chinese operating environment, in line with people’s habits;

3, real-time display of test data and curves, monitor the entire process of testing;

4, dual-core computing, it covers all the features of similar foreign instrument.

5, with a better user management features, users may be required to change the password needed.

6, an increase of the test filter automatic protection against over-voltage test because of damage caused to the filter.

7, a setting item automatically print function, allowing users to operate more simple and convenient.

8, the hydrophobic filter designed specifically for the “Water immersion” test, solve the hydrophobic filter can only be used to test the integrity of the organic solvent infiltration shortcomings, to fill a gap.

9, with a more sophisticated vitality, better algorithms, the instrument can achieve the detection of flat membrane filter diffusion flow, which is important to determine the integrity and properties of the film.


Main technical parameters:

Power requirements 170-240V AC, 50/60Hz;110W
Maximum operating pressure 9999 mbar
Minimum intake air pressure 3000 mbar
Overall dimensions 240(W) x 380(D) x 280(H)
Test Range maximum test pressure: 500-6900mbar
Test Accuracy Net volume test: ± 4%; bubble point: ± 50mbar; diffusion flow: ± 4%; water immersion: ± 0.1ml / min
Operating conditions Ambient temperature: + 5 ℃ ~ + 35 ℃; Relative humidity: 10-80%
Test Processed Net volume test: 5 min ± 2min; diffusion flow test: 8 min ± 2min;

Simple bubble point test: 10 min ± 2min; enhanced bubble point test: 20 min ± 2min;

Water immersion test: the setting of test time + 5min ± 2min;

Printing function Wide line printing, output test parameters, test results, automatic print function
Test recording function 500 groups of test results (including test curve), can be increased to 1000 set of test results according to user needs
Display screen 5.7″ TFT;monochrome
Serial port connection mode RS232;
Language English

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