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Product Description

Product description:
YPD-350N Smart tablet hardness tester is a special instrument for measuring the hardness and diameter of tablets. It adopts the international advanced design concept and manufacturing technology, has the advantages of smooth and beautiful appearance, compact and stable structure, highly reliable performance, simple operation and so on.
The product is widely used in pharmaceutical factories, pharmaceutical research, teaching and drug testing departments.

Product features:
Built-in user management, data management system, detection data long – term storage.
Higher precision integrated circuit design, automatic statistics and analysis of measurement values.
Higher precision load sensor, ensure the measurement accuracy.
It is required to complete the experiment in a shorter time, and it is more efficient (the fastest is 10 seconds/sample).
Smaller size, higher precision, more perfect, simple, user-friendly interface and mode of operation.
Stable operation, low energy consumption and high reliability.
Weak current working voltage, more safe.
Continuous test 1000 times, continuous test interval user adjustable.
The hd transparent lens window above the detection warehouse can clearly and intuitively observe each test process.
With the function of fault self-diagnosis, detection data can be exported and printed by USB.
New with user management, audit tracking, touch screen and other functions.

Technical parameters:

Product model YPD-350N
Measuring range hardness 10~350N, tablet diameter 2~25mm
Resolution 0.01 N
Accuracy + / – 1.5% plus or minus 1 digit
Diameter measuring range 2.0-25.0mm
Diameter resolution 0.1mm
Diameter measurement accuracy ±0.1mm
Hardness unit N/kg (optional)
Automatic single time/continuous multiple times (maximum 1000 times)
Power supply AC220V, 50Hz

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