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Product Description

WYA-ZT automatic ABBE Digital Refractometer can measure the refractive index nD of a transparent, translucent liquid and mass fraction (Brix) of a sugar.



High-resolution CCD detection system, automatic measurement, fast test speed, good repeatability, and temperature correction function to avoid human error.

Color LCD touch screen, friendly human-machine interface, intuitive and easy to understand, large-capacity storage system, measurement data can be saved and traced.

Configure the communication interface, you can connect to the computer, U disk, convenient for user data storage, export, backup. RS232/USB

The measuring prism can be equipped with sapphire glass, which is corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant, easy to clean and durable.

The measuring liquid surface is small, the sample is saved, and 3-5 ml can be sampled, and the sample can be recovered without lossless measurement.

Continuous measurement, the instrument structure has no mechanical moving parts, LED light source, to ensure long service life of the instrument.

Built-in 8 industry standard parameters, namely F42 fructose syrup, F55 fruit glucose syrup concentration, glucose concentration, sucrose concentration, (fruit juice, canned products, soft drinks) solid content, nD20 and user-defined measurement units.


Technical Data

Measuring range:Refractive index nD: 1.30000-1.70000
Brix (BX-TC): 0-100%
Brix (BX): 0-100%
Measuring accuracy:Refractive index nD: ±0.0002
Dissolved solids Brix: ±0.1%
Measuring resolution:Refractive index nD: ±0.00001
Dissolved solids Brix: ±0.01%
TemperatureTemperature display range: 0-50℃
Thermostatical control range: room temperature ± 10℃ (WYA-ZT)
Overall dimensions500mm×330mm×220mm


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