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Product Description


Lab Two Roll Mixing Mill is used for the production of chemical raw materials, rubber, silica gel, etc., polymer blending, pigment, stabilizer, stabilizer, etc., color matching, raw rubber and compounding agent mixing, rubber heat kneading, and rubber tabletting.
Its main function is to make the product meet the quality and color required by the customer. In order to meet the customer’s requirements, the experimental results and their ratios are used in the production line, and this machine is to mix the raw materials and ingredients for the test evenly.


Technical Parameters:
1. Mixing capacity: 0.1—1.8kgs-2.8kgs-5kgs
2. Drum temperature: room temperature ~ 300 ℃
3. Heating method: electric heating (latest process design, patented product, automatic constant temperature and precision).
4. Temperature accuracy: ±2°C (the temperature controller adopts high-precision PID intelligent microcomputer control system, and the internal constant automatic calculation function is higher than manual setting accuracy, saving time. With over-temperature alarm function to protect machinery and production materials).
5. Drum speed: The fixed speed is about 19 revolutions, and frequency conversion can be added to adjust the speed. Other speeds can be customized for free.
6. Drum speed ratio: 1:1.35
7. Drum size: dia.120mm×L 350mm (high hardness surface mirror polishing treatment, no sticky material, no delamination) .
8. Roller spacing: 0~6mm adjustable
9. Safety device: Multiple touch-type emergency stoppers (with reverse function, safety first, humanized design, operators will always be safe and free from work-related injuries).
10. Motor: 1.5KW 1 set (the latest process design, mechanical structure adjustment, and the output torque of 3.7KW of traditional process mechanical transmission is as large as the traditional process mechanical transmission, to achieve the purpose of energy saving).
11. Power: 12HP
12. Volume: (W×D×H) 1100×550×1380mm In the case of the same function, it is much smaller than the traditional process, reducing the waste of area.
13. Roller lubrication: the super good wear-resistant bearing has a large contact area, which prolongs the service life by 2/3 compared with the traditional copper sleeve.
14. Mechanical structure: steel plate (lighter in weight than traditional cast iron, smaller in size, higher in mechanical strength and good in toughness).
15. Power supply 5P, AC380V, 10A
16. Weight about 360kg


Model availbale:

Model BN-120DR/SL BN-160DR/SL BN-200YR
Heating mode Electric heating/Water cooling Electric heating/Water cooling Oil heating
Mixing capacity 0.1—1.8kgs 0.2—2.8kgs 0.2—5kgs
Roll temperature Room temperature ~ 300 ℃
Roll Diameter(mm) 120 160 200
Roller Length(mm) 350 350 500
Roller Pitch(mm) 0.1~6mm adjustable 0.1~6mm adjustable 0.1~8mm adjustable
Two Rolling Speed Ratio 1: 1.35 1: 1.35 1: 1.27

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