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Product Description

It is suitable for the color fastness test of various textiles to washing, dry cleaning, and shrinkage, and can also be used to evaluate the color fastness of dyes to washing.

GB/T3921.1-5, ISO105-C10, GB5711, GB/T12490, JIS L0860, JIS L0844, AATCC 61

1. The inner and outer boxes are all made of stainless steel, which is beautiful and durable.
2. Touch screen control, Chinese and English menu, man-machine dialogue mode, easy to operate.
3. The transmission structure adopts all-aluminum deceleration motor and synchronous pulley, which has no noise and accurate and stable speed. The bearing is installed outside the box, which will not be easily damaged by scaling due to long-term immersion in water, and is durable.
4. Built-in 5 sets of GB standard programs, 5 sets of AATCC standard programs, and 3 sets of freely editable experimental programs are reserved to meet more testing needs.
5. The temperature and time curve, the real-time display of the experimental process, better observe whether the temperature change meets the standard requirements.
6. The temperature control adopts PID algorithm with small fluctuations, which can effectively prevent temperature overshoot;
7. The instrument comes with a temperature calibration program, which is convenient for subsequent self-calibration.
8. The door state switch detection device, the motor stops rotating when the door is opened to prevent hot water from being scalded.
9. The instrument has a water level sensor for automatic monitoring to prevent dry burning caused by anhydrous conditions.
10. The instrument can be equipped with national standard and American standard test cups separately or at the same time.
11. The instrument has the functions of automatic water inlet and automatic drainage.

Technical Parameters:
1. Rotation speed: 40±2r/min
2. Test cup size: (national standard) 550mL, (American standard) 1200mL
3. Number of test cups: (GB national standard) 12, (American standard) 6 (optional)

(GB national standard) 24, (American standard) 12 (optional)
4. Timing range: 1~999min
5. Setting temperature range: room temperature to 99°C
6. Temperature control fluctuation: <±1°C
7. Heating method: electric heating tube
8. Instrument placement: foot pulley type
9. Dimensions: 800×580×1000mm

10. Weight: 110kg

11. Power supply: AC380V 50Hz 5KW (AC220V 50Hz 5KW can be customized)

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