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Product Description

Product introduction
Rotary evaporator series products are mainly used for testing, research and development and production in the pharmaceutical, chemical, biological products and other industries. This product is used in the vacuum negative pressure condition, using the principle of constant temperature heating and thin film evaporation to evaporate, concentrate, crystallize, dry, separate, and recover the solvent. The parts in contact with the material are all high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant. The borosilicate glass and polytetrafluoroethylene materials are especially suitable for the concentration and purification of biological products which are easily decomposed and denatured, and are not easy to react with various materials.

Working principle:

Under the condition of vacuum negative pressure, the rotating bottle is rotated at a constant speed by using the speed-regulating knob. The material forms a large-area uniform film on the bottle wall, and the material in the rotating bottle is uniformly heated by the intelligent constant-temperature water (oil) bath. After evaporation, the generated solvent vapor is rapidly cooled by the cooling coil of the glass condenser and recovered in the collection bottle.

The main capacity of the rotary evaporator produced by our factory is 1-2L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L, 100L. Each type of capacity has different grades for customers to choose. This product can be used with the vacuum pump to improve the evaporation efficiency (required); it can be used together with the low-temperature coolant circulating pump to improve the recycling efficiency. Please purchase the matching equipment as appropriate.

• The main body bracket is made of anti-corrosion spray + aluminum alloy. The structure is reasonable and the materials are exquisite.
• The pot is made of high quality stainless steel for durability and durability.
• The sealing system is sealed with a combination of Teflon and imported fluoro rubber to maintain a high vacuum.
• All glass components are made of borosilicate glass (GG-17), which is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion.
• The angle of the nose is adjustable (to ensure that the condenser is vertical).
• The low-speed booster motor is used, and the main engine automatically moves up and down.
• Seesaw power switch control.
• Temperature digital display, intelligent constant temperature control, Cu50 sensor for fast and accurate temperature transfer.
• Electronic stepless speed regulation (0-120rpm), twist setting, easy to operate.
• Fuse safety protection.
• Upright double-layer serpentine coil condenser for high recovery.
• It can be continuously fed for customer’s convenience. The valve type feeding tube is sleeved with PTFE tube and water retaining ring.


Model and functions:

ModelCapacityMain function
RE-52A1LHost machine manual lifting, temperature intelligent digital display, 120 rpm, standard water bath, optional oil bath
RE-52C1LHost machine automatic lifting, temperature intelligent digital display, 120 rpm, standard water bath, optional oil bath
RE-52991LHost machine automatic lifting, temperature intelligent digital display, large-capacity pot, standard water bath, optional oil bath
RE-20101LNew model, imported oil seal, sliding + manual two-speed lifting, 200 rpm, water bath
RE-2000A1LAluminum alloy appearance, imported seal, host machine automatic lifting, 200 rpm,

A model temperature digital display, B model temperature /speed double digital display, E model liquid crystal display brushless motor.

Standard water bath, can change to oil bath

RE-50005LAluminum alloy body automatically lift, Teflon + fluorine rubber two-way seal, brushless motor, liquid crystal display, water and oil bath
RE-201D1LBath pot hand wheel lifting, temperature and speed double digital display, vacuum display, water and oil bath

Explosion-proof double box optional

RE-100210LTeflon + fluorine rubber two-way seal, bath pot hand wheel lift

Explosion-proof function optinal

RE-100L100LAutomatic lifting, brushless motor, liquid crystal display

Explosion-proof function optional

R-10055LNew model, bath pot automatic lifting, pearl cotton packaging

Explosion-proof function optional


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