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Product Description

LABIC-2000 Multifunctional Powder Integrative Characteristics Tester, powder physical property tester (or powder comprehensive property tester) is based on the requirements of the American ASTM D6393-99 standard (Standard Test Method for BulkSolids Characterization by Carr Indices) and refers to the Chinese national standard GB/T 5162-2006/ ISO 3953:1993 (Determination of the tapped density of metal powders), GB/T 1482-2010 (Measure the fluidity of metal powders by the standard funnel method), GB/T 1479.1-2010 (Metal powder loose Packing density—funnel method), GB/T 16913.3-2008 (Determination of loose packing density by natural accumulation method), a test instrument developed to evaluate the comprehensive physical properties of powder.

The test items of the instrument include the tap density, loose density, angle of repose, spatula angle, collapse angle, dispersion and other items of the powder. The calculation items include the difference angle, void ratio compressibility (compression ratio), fluidity index, jet flow index and other items. It is characterized by multiple functions in one machine, simple operation, good repeatability, easy change of measurement conditions, complete matching, etc. Its successful development provides a new testing method for the general development of powder characteristics testing.


Main performance indicators:

No. Test index Performance Index No. Test Index Performance Index
1 Angle of repose 0-90o built-in goniometer 8 Bulk Density Fixed volume or fixed mass method
2 Angle of collapse 0-90o built-in goniometer 9 Tap density Fixed volume or fixed mass method
3 Difference angle 0-90o 10 Regularity Index 0-15
4 Flat angle 0-99+o (theoretical value) built-in goniometer 11 Uniformity Index 0-15
5 Dispersion Index 0-25 12 Flowability Index Index 0-100
6 Compression Index 0-25 13 Complex flowability Index 0-100
7 Void ratio 0-100% (theoretical value) 14    

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