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Product Description


The Banbury internal mixer is mainly used for kneading, dispersing, mixing and plasticizing of various rubber, plastic raw materials and engineering modified materials, metal powder, ceramic powder and other raw materials. It can produce EVA, PVC, TPR, PE, PP, PC, metal powder, ceramic powder, functional masterbatch, rubber additives, shoe materials, rubber tires, sealing miscellaneous parts, electronic products, wire and cable, automotive products and other rubber products and Raw materials for plastic products.


Technical parameters:

1. Volume of mixing chamber: 0.2L, 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 8L optional
2. Main motor: AC motor with a power of 11 kilowatts
3. Reducer: the base and frame are welded with low carbon steel, and contain a forced lubrication circulation system;
4. Rotor: two-row, synchronous rotor structure (can also be designed and manufactured according to the rotor structure diagram provided by the user), the speed ratio of front and rear rotors is 1:1.20 or ST synchronous rotor, quenched and tempered hardened cast steel, hard chrome plated on the surface; bearing Ball shaft roller bearing; bearing lubricating oil bath; rotor maximum speed: 3L: 36 rpm
5. Facing wall: steel structure, drilling heating, inner surface hardening and hard chrome plating;
6. Bracket: steel structure, hard chrome plating on the inner surface;
7. Top bolt: driven by cylinder, hard chrome plated on the surface
8. End face seal: the seal ring is made of high wear-resistant material, self-lubricating bearing, hinge spring pressure top seal
9. Hopper: manual operation
10. Control mode: the operation is divided into manual and semi-automatic;
11. The highest temperature of internal mixer: normal temperature to 300°

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