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Product Description


BN-8058 automatic internal bond strength tester (also known as Scott internal plybond tester, interlayer bond strength tester, internal bond strength tester, etc.) is mainly used to test the Z-direction tensile strength of paper and paperboard (ie, internal bond strength or interlayer bonding). Dedicated testing instrument for strength.



Conforms to TAPPI T 541 Internal Bond Strength of Paperboard (Z-Direction Tensile)
Conforms to ISO 15754 Paper and board – Determination of Z-directional tensile strength

GB/T 26203-2010 “Determination of Internal bond strength in paper and paperboard” (Scott type)
TAPPI T569pm “Internal bond strength (Scott type)”


Technical parameters:

  1. Specimen size: 25.4mm×25.4mm
  2. Number of tests: 25.4×128mm, 5 groups of specimens
  3. Test thickness: (0.1~5)mm
  4. Impact angle: Standard impact energy release angle 90°
  5. Release mode: fully automatic release
  6. Measuring range: 0-1000J/M2
     A:(0~500) J/M2;
    B: (500~1000)J/M2
  1. Indication error: A file: ±1J/M2; B gear: ±2J/M2
  2. Instrument accuracy: 0.001J/M2
  3. Unit: J/M2,lbf/in2 interchange
  4. Identification rate: 0.001lbf/in2, 5000 pulse high precision encoder
  5. Man-machine interface: 7.0in touch screen control system
  6. Printout: Modular all-in-one thermal printer
  7. Size: 500×400×650mm
  8. Weight: about 70kg
  9. Pneumatic clamping


Sampler optional for Interlayer-to-layer combined sampler:

Technical parameters:

  1. Specimen size: 25.4mm*140mm
  2. Parallelism of two long sides: ≤ 0.015mm
  3. Sampling thickness: (0.05~1.2)mm
  4. Dimension: 580*150*620mm
  5. Weight: about 18kg

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