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Product Description

MDES Series Microwave Digestion System adopts the international advanced double magnetron frequency microwave heating system and realizes the high power microwave balanced magnetic field safety heating.
Microwave Reaction System has been widely used in food, textile, plastic, geological, metallurgical, coal, biological medicine, petroleum chemical industry, environmental monitoring, sewage treatment, battery manufacturing, cosmetics, etc.

1. Multiple safety protection function: It has more than ten safety protection measures to ensure experiment safety, including temperature control system, pressure control system,real-time temperature and pressure abnormal monitoring system, explosion-proof security doors, thicken cavity with 10 layer TEFLON coating, High-power exhaust system, program with suspend or start at any time. Ladder-style control temperature system, the material is TFM for the vessel and aerospace composite material for the vessel cover, the vessel cap with PFA and the pressure shrapnel use PEEK.

2. Optical fiber temperature control system: The microwave digestion system adopts the internationally advanced optical fiber temperature control system.It avoids producing the spark which other temperaturecontrol mode caused, effectively eliminates microwave interference temperature control system and other factors. It not only achieves precision control temperature  but also it is themost safe microwave digestion temperature control mode at present.

3. Double magnetron variable frequency control system: It could adjust microwave outputcontinuously. It makes the microwave field more uniform and more accurate that could ensure the sample digestion are uniform.

4. The high accuracy pressure sensor could make the pressure control more precise.

5. 7″LCD color touch-screen real time display the temperature and pressure curve.

6. Built-in method library (30 methods) and the methods could be programmed.

7. The ARM chip with UCOS -II operation system: It is suitable for the experimental preparation equipment which runs stably and operates easily.


Technical data/Model MDES-12 MDES-10
Cavity 48L  Resonant Cavity 48L  Resonant Cavity
Microwave output 1600W 1600W
Magnetron Type Dual Dual
Max.temperature 305℃ 305℃
Working Temp Max 250 250
Temperature accuracy ±0.1℃ ±0.1℃
Temperature sensor Optical Fiber Sensor(directly) Optical Fiber Sensor(directly)
Pressure Sensor Idea gas Idea gas
Vessel Pressure capacity 80Mpa 80Mpa
Working pressure capacity 3MPa 3Mpa
Vessel qty capacity 1-12/batch 1-12/batch
Vessels in package 12sets 10sets
Vessel volume 100mL 100mL
Inner Vessle Material TFM TFM
Outer Vessel M aerospace composite aerospace composite
Vessel Cap Material PFA PFA
Microwave cavity SS316 with 10 layer Telflon SS316 with 8 layer Telflon
Exhaust System forced air cooling forced air cooling
Interface USB, RS232 NO
Wifi Module PC controlling Standard for PC control No
Power supply 220VAC±10%  50Hz 220VAC±10%  50Hz
Detection of abnormal voltage Yes Yes
Video monitoring YES NO

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