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Product Description

L6S / L6 UV-Vis spectrophotometer uses advanced ratio of dual-beam optical system, low-noise circuit design, with excellent reliability and stability. Can meet the daily analysis to the scientific research and so on a wide range of application needs.

main feature:

● 8-inch color touch LCD display, flexible and convenient operation.

● High-performance monochromator with low-stray light and high-performance “shiny holographic grating” with high-performance, high accuracy and reliability. It has excellent cost performance The

● With a unique automatic adjustment “0” adjustment “100”, automatic 8-hole sample rack.

● With full-band scanning (limited to S), sub-band scanning (limited to S models), dynamic time scanning, and GOTOλ, linear regression, concentration direct reading, peak and valley detection and other advanced features.

● Optional thermal plotter, can be data printing, spectral scanning (limited to S) fixed wavelength scanning, linear regression curve drawing.

● With USB interface, combined with UVwin8 UV spectrum software, can directly interact with the PC, to strengthen the instrument detection data, scanning maps and other processing functions, to achieve the test file mass storage, but also for the user to provide a second development.

● advanced power protection measures, can remember the measured data, scan patterns, regression equations and instrument correction values, and to achieve a quick start to enter the test state.

● The instrument uses high-energy imported long life flange positioning deuterium lamp. When the instrument deuterium lamp must be replaced, just unload the two flange positioning screws, you can ensure that the light source in the best position, without cumbersome optical path adjustment.


● Thermal drawing printer

UVwin8 UV spectrum software


● Light source: 12V20W halogen lamp and long life deuterium lamp

● Power supply voltage: AC220V ± 22V 50Hz ± 1Hz

● Rated power: 200W

Technical indicators:

● metering mode: the proportion of dual-beam

● Monochromator: Czerny – Turner

● Focal length: 160mm

● Grating: 1200 lines / mm

● Detector: photocell

● Spectral bandwidth: 2nm

● Wavelength setting: Touch screen input

● Wavelength range: 190 – 1100nm

● Wavelength Accuracy: ± 0.5nm

● Wavelength repeatability: ≤ 0.2nm

● wavelength scanning speed: fast, medium and slow (limited to S models)

● Light source switching wavelength: 340nm

● Stray light: ≤ 0.03% (T) (measured at Nil in 220 nm) (measured at NaNO2 at 360 nm)

● Photometric range: 0.0 ~ 200.0% T

-0.301 ~ 4.000A

0.000 to 9999C

● Photometric accuracy: ± 0.3% T

± 0.002Abs (0 – 0.5A)

± 0.004Abs (0.5 – 1A)

● Photometric repeatability: ≤ 0.15% T

0.001Abs (0 – 0.5A)

0.002Abs (0.5 – 1A)

● Baseline flatness: ≤ ± 0.002A (200nm ~ 1090nm) (limited to S)

● Noise: 0.15% T

● Baseline drift: ± 0.0009Abs / 0.5h (limited to S) (after 2h boot, 250nm and 500nm)

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