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Product Description

XRW-300A/CL-3 Computerized HDT Vicat Softening Temperature Tester, used for plastic, hard rubber, nylon, electrical insulation materials, long fiber reinforced composite materials, high strength thermosetting laminates and other non-metallic materials, heat distortion temperature and Vicat softening point temperature determination. Easy to operate, accurate control, is a highly intelligent test equipment, widely used in tertiary institutions, scientific research units and product quality supervision and inspection units.

ISO 2507, ISO 75, ISO 306, ASTM D 1525, ASTM D 648, GB / T 1633, GB / T 8802, GB / T 1634


Advanced control system:
With high stability, easier to install, test and analysis.

Humanized software control system:
Display the temperature and displacement, and draw the test curve, provide a variety of coordinate curve, the data centralized management, test data can be analyzed, print test curve, test data and test reports.

Quadruple safety protection:
Mechanical temperature limit protection switch, software temperature limit protection, test to complete the automatic stop and the administrator operating key and other hardware and software security design to ensure safe and stable operation of the test.

High-precision measurement and control system:
Using high-performance temperature sensor and advanced digital dial indicator on the sample changes, advanced PID algorithm and all-optical isolation phase modulation module for temperature control, to ensure that the heating rate error is less than 0.5 ℃.

Technical parameters:
1) Temperature range: room temperature – 300 ℃
2) Maximum temperature error: ± 0.5 ℃

3) Heating rate: 50 ℃ / h, 120 ℃ / h, or 50 – 120 ℃ / h between any set
4) Temperature measurement point: 1
5) Number of test shelves: 3 or 6 stations
6) Deformation measurement range: -0.1 – 10mm
7) Maximum deformation error: ± 0.005mm
8) Deformation resolution: 0.001mm
9) Sample support span: 64mm, 100mm
10) With the software upper limit temperature protection function and the hardware upper limit temperature protection function (temperature switch is imported from Korea, the current is 30A, not the pseudo protection, the heating power is 4000W, can guarantee according to the 120 ℃ / h speed to 300 degrees);
11) Specimen self-thermal expansion coefficient <0.005 / 100 ℃ (focus, directly affect the experimental results);
12) Control mode using single-chip and PC distributed control system;
13) Use medium: methyl silicone oil or transformer oil;
14) Cooling method: 150 ℃ above the natural cooling, below 150 ℃ water cooling or natural cooling.


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