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Product Description

SYD-3536D Fully-Automatic Cleveland Open-Cup Flash Point Tester is designed and made as ASTM D92 Standard Test Method for Flash and Fire Points by Cleveland Open Cup Tester. It is applicable to all petroleum products with flash points above 79℃ and below 400℃ except fuel oils.

Main technical features
1.This instrument adopts LCD screen to display and full English man-machine interface. It can preset expected flash point temperature, sample mark number, barometric pressure and other parameters.It has menu prompt and input guide.
2.It adopts simulation tracking to display the function curve of temperature rising and test time. It has the functions of English mis-operation prompt,test date,test time and other parameters.
3.With standard RS232 communication port(can connect with external USB),can store 10 creen,120 groups of history data,be connected with computer to save bulk-storage memory for a long time.
4. Automatically calibrate the effect of atmospheric pressure to test and calculate the corrected value.
5. Differential coefficient detection.Automatically correct the system deviation.
6. Automatically open the lid,detect the flash point and print test data.The test arm automatically rise up and lower down.
7.Reasonable design, safe and convenient to operate,electronic igniting gas flame,forced cooling system(note.the manual igniting button on the left side of instrument cabinet)

Main technical specifications
1. Power supply: AC(220±10%)V, 50Hz
2. Flash point determination: Range:Ambient to 400℃, Accuracy:0.1℃
3.Repeatability: ≤8℃(Flash point and fire point)
4.Reproducibility:Flash point≤17℃,Fire point ≤14℃
5. Heating rate: Correspond with GB/T3536 and ASTM D92
6. Igniting mode:Gas flame by electric ignition ,Gas flame diameter: 3.2mm~4.8mm
7. Ambient temperature:(10~40)℃
8. Relative humidity:≤80%
9. Maximum power consumption:500W
10. Dimension:
520mm×360mm×310mm (When test arm is not risen) ,
520mm×360mm×420mm (When test arm is risen)

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