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Product Description


BNT-V6.0 Filter Integrity Tester are designed for testing integrity of filters and filter systems . The test meet to verify the sterilizing filter in the FDA, the State Pharmacopoeia and GMP specification requirements. The V6.0 Integrity Tester is compact,handy to use, and fully automated integrity test instrument, which performs bubble point, diffusion, enhanced bubble point, and water-based test for hydrophobic filters on a wide range of filters. The first domestic launch of integrity test for ultrafiltration membrane, to meet different customer needs.

Application Range:
Disc Membrane:Φ25mm-Φ300mm;
Standard Cartridge:2.5″- 40″
Capsule & Mini Catridge
Air filter test :2.5″- 40″
Ultrafiltration membrane

Main feature:

  1. The newest hardware circuit , advanced digital sensor ensure the test accuracy .
  2. The industrial –grade dual core make the instrument fast and reliable.
  3. The tester adopts a simple and convenient “reservation scheme”, truly  realized  A “key to complete the program”.
  4. Detailed test data and complete test curve to provide users with an objective analysis report as any format you want such as Word、Excel or PDF of the A4 paper.
  5. The scientific electronic signature and classification to distinguish the responsibility easily, and to prevent false operation.
  6. Rich data interface, except the standard digital and analog interface(RS232/USB), also customized according to the client needs of a variety of industrial bus and analog control end.
  7. Independent R & D team could provide the design of a specific program.
  8. Strong professional and experienced C&S team could offer considerate、 sinere  service and technical support.


Main technical parameters:

power 170-240VAC,50/60Hz, 120W
Maximum working pressure 10000mbar(150psi)
Minimum working pressure 1000mbar(150psi)
Dimensions 450mm(length)X280mm(Depth1)X220mm(Height)
Test pressure 100-8000 mbar
Test accuracy D:±4% ; BP: ±50mbar
V of WH: ±4%
Upstream volume: ±4%
Working condition Temperature: 5℃-+40℃;Moisture:10±80%
Test time Upstream volume test : 5min±2min;
Diffusion flow test: 10min±2min
Base BP test: 12min±2min
Enhanced test: 16min±2min
WH: 30min±2min
Checklist print Input parameters & output data and result in Chinese or English
History record No number limit record store, and support for SD card and USB disk to export data
LCD 7″ high definition color touch screen
Series I/O type RS232, USB drive
Language of menu Chinese or English

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