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Product Description

F97 fluorescence spectrophotometer is a new generation of high performance molecular luminescence analysis instrument. The product structure is exquisite, has the characteristics of high detection sensitivity, fast scanning speed, wide spectrum measuring range, high dynamic range, fast 3D scanning, and so on. Easily meet the requirements in the field of material research, pharmaceutical analysis, biochemical and clinical testing, water quality analysis and control, food safety testing (dairy products, aquatic products, such as vitamin C, selenium, aflatoxin), and other areas.


Main Features

  • High sensitivity: based on high efficiency optical design and weak signal detection technology, the water Raman peak signal to noise ratio can be greater than 200 (P – P) to the leading domestic and international advanced level.
  • High scanning speed: the high speed digital signal processing unit provides the world’s fastest scanning speed at 48000nm/min. Only 1 second to get classic fluorescence spectra, 1 minute to get high quality of three-dimensional fluorescence spectra.
  • Wide Spectral measurement range: using a double monochromator design, excitation and emission wavelength range covering 200 nm to 900 nm, meet the needs of most fluorescence analysis.
  • Excitation light path monitoring system: instrument is equipped with excitation light dual beam ratio monitoring system to ensure the fluorescence signal high and stable.
  • High quality assurance: using Hamamatsu’s high quality Xenon light source and photoelectric multiplier tube detectors and instruments to provide sufficient light intensity signal and the detection sensitivity.
  • Built-in optical gate: Built-in optical gate, designed for unstable sample.


Technical Data

F97 Series Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
Excitation Source 150W xenon lamp(Hamamatsu)
Excitation Wavelength 200nm~900nm
Emission Wavelength 200nm~900nm
Excitation Slit F97XP/F97Pro:2nm、5nm、10nm、20nm
Emission Slit F97XP/F97Pro:2nm、5nm、10nm、20nm
Wavelength Accuracy F97XP:±0.4nm
Wavelength Repeatability F97XP:≤0.2nm
Signal-to-Noise Ratio F97XP:Raman peak of water(P-P):S/N≥200(10nm Slit)
F97/F97Pro:Raman peak of water(P-P):S/N≥150(10nm Slit)
Limit F97XP:≤5×10-11 g/ml(Quinine Sulfate Solution)
F97/F97Pro:≤1×10-10 g/ml(Quinine Sulfate Solution)
Linearity γ≥0.995
Peak Repeatability ≤1.5%
Stability(10min) Zero Drift:±0.3
Value Limit:±1.5%
Wavelength Scan Speed Multi-speed Level, Maximum at 48000nm/min
Photometric Quantity Range 0.00-10000.00
Data Transportation USB2.0
Power 200W
Power Source AC 220V/50Hz; 110V/60Hz
Instrument Dimension 380×445×310(mm)
Weight Net Weight:12kg  Gross Weight:14kg


Optional Parts

Accessories Functions
Single sample rack Conventional liquid fluorescence sample
Multi purpose fluorescent sample rack holder Base holder for other racks
Double-frequency filter(300nm、350nm、400nm、450nm、500nm、550nm、600nm、650nm 8 for one set) Remove the interference of double-frequency peaks of these wavelengths.
200ul micro scale centrifuge tube rack For centrifuge tube fluorescence measurement
Micro scale capillary sample rack For micro scale capillary sample
Semi-auto sample rack Semi-auto sample rack
Membrane sample rack (Reflection) For membrane sample
Membrane sample rack (Transmission) For membrane sample
Powder sample rack For powder samples
Jacket sample rack  

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