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Product Description


Product Name
DSC Differential Scanning Calorimeter, DSC Differential Scanning Calorimetry Analyzer, Differential Scanning Calorimeter Price
High polymer material industry; High-molecular polymer industry; University; Educational Institutions; Lab; Research Institute ETC.
Oxidation induction time (OIT); Glass transition (Tg); Melt; Crystal; Thermal Stability; Curing / Crosslinking; Cold Crystal; Phase Transition. ETC…


This DSC-600-II DSC differential scanning calorimeter is designed for the measurement of DSC thermal analysis in plastics and rubber industry, can be glass transition temperature test, phase transition test, melting and enthalpy test, product stability, oxidation induction test, etc. (Tg, Tc, Tm, enthalphy of crystallization, enthalphy of melting & crystallinity in %, OIT, etc).

Test standards:

ISO/TR10837:1991, ASTM D3895-1998, ASTM E 967, ASTM E 968, ASTM E 793, ASTM D 3895, ASTM D 3417, ASTM D 3418, ISO 11357-6


Main feature:

  1. Brand new furnace structure, better resolution and resolution and better baseline stability
  2. Parameters can be set to multi-stage heating, constant temperature, cooling
  3. The instrument can adopt two-way control (host control, software control), with friendly interface and easy operation
  4. Using imported chips, acquisition circuit shielding and anti-interference processing
  5. The sensor adopts hot-melt technology instead of traditional spot welding technology, with higher sensitivity


Technical datas:

Model DSC-600 DSC-600-II
DSC range 0~±600mW 0~±800mW
Temperature range room temperature~600℃ room temperature~600℃
Heating rate 0.1~100℃/min 0.1~100℃/min
Temperature resolution 0.01℃ 0.001℃
Temperature fluctuation ±0.01℃ ±0.01℃
Temperature repeatability ±0.1℃ ±0.01℃
DSC noise 0.01μW 0.01μW
DSC resolution 0.01μW 0.01μW
DSC accuracy 0.01mW 0.001mW
DSC sensitivity 0.01mW 0.001mW
Temperature control method Heating, constant temperature (automatic program control) Heating, constant temperature, cooling (automatic program control)
Curve scan heating scan heating scan, cooling scan
Atmosphere control Nitrogen, Oxygen (instrument switch automatically)
Display mode 24 bit color, 7-inch LCD touch screen display
Data interface standard USB interface
Parameter standard Equipped with standard material ((tin)), with one-key calibration function, users can calibrate temperature and enthalpy
Software With temperature multi-point correction function
Gas flow 0-300mL/min (other ranges can be customized)
Gas pressure 0.2MPa
Power supply AC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz

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