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Product Description


BN-8041 Digital Whiteness Meter (Brightness Spectrophotometer,Brightness Colormeter) is a special instrument for measuring the whiteness of objects. Widely used in whiteness measurement of paper and cardboard, textile printing and dyeing, paint and coating, chemical building materials, plastic products, cement, calcium carbonate powder, ceramics, enamel, clay, talc, starch, flour, salt, detergent, cosmetics and other objects.



ISO 2469 “Paper, board and pulp — Determination of diffuse reflectance factor”

ISO 2470 “Paper and paperboard – Determination of whiteness (diffuse/vertical method)”

ISO 2471 “Paper and paperboard — Determination of opacity (paper backing) — Diffuse reflection method”

ISO 9416 “Paper – Determination of light scattering and light absorption coefficient (Kubelka-Munk)”



  1. Determination of ISO whiteness (ie R457 whiteness), for fluorescent whitening samples, the fluorescent whitening degree generated by the emission of fluorescent substances can also be measured
  2. Determination of lightness stimulus value
  3. Determination of Opacity
  4. Determination of transparency
  5. Determination of light scattering coefficient and absorption coefficient
  6. Measure the ink absorption value



  1. The appearance of the instrument is novel and compact, and the advanced circuit design can effectively ensure the accuracy and stability of the measurement data
  2. The instrument simulates D65 lighting body lighting
  3. The instrument adopts d/o illumination to observe geometric conditions; the diameter of the diffuser ball is 150mm, the diameter of the test hole is 30mm (or 19mm), and it is equipped with a light absorber to eliminate the influence of the specular reflection of the sample.
  4. The instrument adds a printer and adopts imported thermal printing core, no need to use ink and ribbon, no noise during work, fast printing speed, etc.
  5. Using large color touch display, English display and prompting operation steps to display measurement and statistical results, friendly man-machine interface makes the instrument simple and convenient to operate
  6. Data communication: The instrument is equipped with RJ45 network interface and USB interface. Users can transmit data to the server through the Ethernet TCP/IP protocol or directly connect with the computer through the USB cable. The instrument has WIFI function, the user can transmit the test data to the computer through the host computer software through the router, and generate a report
  7. The instrument has power-off protection, and the calibration data will not be lost after power-off.


Technical indicators:

  • Power supply AC220V±10% 50HZ
  • Whiteness range: 0-200
  • Zero drift ≤1%
  • Indication drift ≤1%
  • Indication error ≤5%
  • Repeatability error ≤1%
  • Specular reflection error ≤1%
  • Sample size: The test plane is not less than φ30mm, and the thickness is not more than 40mm
  • Instrument size (L*W*H) mm 360*264*400
  • Net weight 20 kg

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