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Product Description

Distilled Pure Water Inlet Deionized Ultrapure Water Purification System,  UV Ultrapure Water Purification Systems Pharmaceutical Laboratory use Water Purifier Machine

High-sensitivity ICP/MS, PCR, ppt-level analysis, isotope analysis, molecular biology, life sciences, cell culture, IVF, HPLC, IC, TOC, VOC, GC/MS Analysis, drug development, medical inspection, disease control centers, drug testing institutes, quality inspection institutes, university research and other standard laboratories and various high-end precision instruments.


1. Inbuilt 10um 316 stainless steel washable filter, remove minor impurities, can replace PP cotton filter, automatic cleaning anytime

2. KDF unit with USA filteriing material, pre-filtering residual chlorine, heavy metal, restrain fungus growing, protect the postpositional purification system from dissipation to lengthen ultra purified column lifetime.

3. Inbuilt transparent pressure barrel which with changable water storing pouch inside, technologies of nano-antibacterial and UV resistant are adopted to the pouch for reducing creature bacteria abnormal smell and decreasing chemicals like nitrite, prevent water in barrel from sencondary pollution.

4. Spraying process for machine case, openning at side, 11” type U korean quick-insert filtration column–easy for exchange and repair.

5. LCD for online monitoring dual water purity, display both RO water conductivity UP water resistivity, machine running status also can be shown.

6. Menu operation interface, various measured parameters can be modified and set, multiple running status display and indicating light alert, timely reflect machine operating condition such as high pressure-stop, low pressure-alert, water full-stop etc.

7. RO & ulrapure Water purity exceeding alarm, automatically remind filter elements replacement; setting water colletion time, drawing water via touching key. RO and UP water drawing indicating light automatically prompt.

8. Equipped with portable test pen for testing TDS content, conductance and water temperature.

9. Pipeline with quick-insert connector ( NSF certificate), dual-wavelength UV lamp for sterilization & decreasing TOC, original imported 5000 dalton ultra filtering element for removing endotoxin and heat source.

Filtration Flow Chart:

Automatic Laboratory Use Low TOC Ultrapure Water System

Technical datas:

Model No. UP-S UP-V UP-F UP-VF UP-Extract UP-Extract-V UP-Extract-F UP-Extract-VF
Water Source Urban tap water,inlet pressure 0.15-0.4 Mpa, water temperature 5-40 dgree centigrade RO water, deionized water or distilled water etc.
Output 10/20/30L 60-90L/H
Flow rate 1.5-2L/Min ( with pressure barrel)
Purity Pure water: desalination rate 95%-99% ( with new RO membrane)

Deionized water: resistivity 10-16MΩ.cm@25℃ (higher than the laboratory first-class water standard)

Ultrapure water: Resistivity 18.25MΩ.cm@25℃ (higher than the laboratory first-class water standard)

TOC < 3ppb, particle(< 0.22 um) < 1/ml, microbe < 1cfu/ml

Power supply 220V 50HZ, 120W
Dimension L47*W45*H55cm
Application UP-S & UP-Extract: Physical-chemical test,biochemical analysis, blood test, microanalysis, dedicated flushing, HPLC, IC, GC analysis experiment
UP-V&UP-Extract-V: Atomic absorption/emission spectra, mass spectrometry, TOC test, environment monitoring, biochip developing,micro-organics analysis
UP-F&UP-Extract-F: High sensitivity ICP/MS,PCR,PPT grade analysis, isotope analysis,molecular biology, life sciences, disease control center, medicine inspect insitute, quality inspect institute, high-school sicentific research, various high precision instruments
UP-VF& UP-Extract-VF: Molecular biology, life sciences,gene study,cell culture,amino acid analysis,protein purification, toxicology study, drug R&D, medical inspection


Automatic Laboratory Use Low TOC Ultrapure Water System

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