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Product Description

CO2 Carbon Dioxide Incubator

Scope of Application:

CO2 incubator is an advanced instrument for cell, tissue and bacterial culture, and is a key equipment for carrying out immunology, oncology and genetic engineering. Widely used in the research and production of microbiology, agricultural science, and pharmacy.



  • This CO2 incubator is a high-performance CO2 incubator developed by the company’s many years of manufacturing technology experience and introduction of new technology. Compared with the general CO2 incubator, it has the advantages of faster heating, precise temperature and less error.
  • The inner tank is made of mirror stainless steel or wire drawing argon arc welding, and the four corners are semi-circular and easy to clean;
  • The microcomputer temperature controller has small temperature fluctuations, and the chamber is equipped with an ultraviolet germicidal lamp to periodically disinfect the inside of the box to prevent contamination during cell culture.
  • The independent temperature limit alarm system automatically interrupts when the temperature exceeds the limit temperature, ensuring safe operation of the experiment without accidents;
  • The use of door temperature control can effectively prevent condensation on the glass door inside the box;
  • The water jacket is equipped with a microbial filter at the inlet to provide 100% filtered gas;
  • The main spare parts are imported products with CO2 pressure reducing valve (dedicated to carbon dioxide incubator).
  • Using touch screen control, can USB port to printout the datas.


New function features    

  • Carbon dioxide incubator infrared sensor function;
  • The temperature adopts adaptive control, high precision, no overshoot, no need to control parameter adjustment, with door temperature control, and prevention of condensation;
  • Imported infrared CO2 sensor, concentration control sampling fast and slow charge control, can minimize the noise caused by the switch solenoid valve, high control precision, with temperature display;
  • Various fault self-diagnosis functions, such as over temperature, under concentration, water shortage, etc.


Safety protection and fault alarm function     

Ground protection, compressor delay protection, over current protection, etc.;

Over temperature alarm

The end of the work alarm;

Electric wire failure alarm;

The temperature sensor is open, open circuited, and the heating output is turned off.


Technical data:

Imported infrared CO2 sensor
Imported infrared CO2 sensor
Temperature control range RT+5~50℃
Temperature resolution 0.1℃
Temperature fluctuation ±0.3℃
CO2 control range 0~20% Air distribution 0~20% Infrared propagator
CO2 control accuracy±0.1%
0~20% Air distribution 0~20% Infrared propagator
CO2 control accuracy±0.1%
CO2 recovery time ≤Concentration value×1.2min
Heating method air-jacket water-jacket air-jacket water-jacket
Humidification method Natural evaporation
Volume 80L 80L 80L 160L 160L 160L
Input power 450W 680W 600W 720W 950W 950W
Working temperature  +5~35℃
voltage AC220V    50HZ
Liner size (mm) W×D×H 400×400×500 400×400×500 400×400×500 500×500×650 500×500×650 500×500×650
Dimensions (mm) W×D×H 780×530×460 710×540×720 710×540×720 770×630×810 805×640×870 805×640×870
Carrier bracket (standard) 2 blocks 2 blocks 2 blocks 3 blocks 3 blocks 3 blocks

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