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Product Description

BNT-V8.0 Filter Integrity Tester are designed for testing integrity of filters and filter systems. The test meet to verify the sterilizing filter in the FDA, the State Pharmacopoeia and GMP specification requirements. The V8.0 Integrity Tester is compact,handy to use, and fully automated integrity test instrument, which performs bubble point, diffusion, enhanced bubble point, and water-based test for hydrophobic filters on a wide range of filters. The first domestic launch of integrity test for ultrafiltration membrane, to meet different customer needs.


Application Range:
Disc Membrane:Φ25mm-Φ300mm;
Standard Cartridge:2.5″- 40″
Capsule & Mini Catridge
Air filter test :2.5″- 40″
Ultrafiltration membrane


1. Powerful, covers all existing test methods regarding the integrity of the filter;
2. Adopt optimized Linux system;
3. Optimized test operation and shortened test time;
4. 10-inch true-color touch screen design, friendly human-machine interface, simple, fast and reliable operation;
5. To meet offline online testing, using pressure sensors with higher accuracy and lower deviation bands to improve the test accuracy of the instrument;
6. Automatic self-test function, self-test of multiple performance functions of the instrument itself, after turning on the instrument has instrument self-test function, report faults in time.
7. The first domestic company to implement the integrity test of an ultrafiltration system.
8. Scientific user management, password login, user classification, electronic signature, etc., in compliance with GMP and FDA CFR 21 part 11, support multi-level user access permission settings, ensure data integrity, have comprehensive audit trail functions, and support manual or electronic signature;
9. The instrument comes with an audit trail function, truly meets the requirements of data integrity;
10. Can establish 1000 sets of pre-stored programs, which can fully meet multiple filter types and different test conditions in the field, and the instrument is more simple and intelligent;
11. Increased the display curve of diffusion flow-pressure, realized the display and printing function of three curves, optimized the air intake control unit, and greatly increased the air intake speed and stability;
12. Support USB disk data export function, which can not only export the original test data, but also the source data and configuration data, so that the data integrity requirements are perfectly reflected in the instrument; if single data can export PDF style directly;
13. Can expand data communication and network interface requirements according to customer requirements, and support wireless communication functions;
14. Optimize the structure of the instrument so that its dustproof and splashproof level reaches IP54, and use quick connectors (Staubli connectors can be used) to avoid incorrect connection of the inlet and outlet pipes
15.Test records and audit trails of the instrument both can be queried and exported;
16.High-precision sensors and optimized algorithms can extend the gas path to 100m, make the upstream volume test more accurate, and the instrument can better meet the conditions of field use without affecting the test results;
17. The built-in thermal printer avoids the risk of particle and ink contamination, and can keep the handwriting clear for more than 10 years under appropriate conditions;
18. External interfaces can be customized according to customer requirements, which is convenient for customers’ automated control and management;
19. Using Chinese and English bilingual interface;
20.Multiple pressure units can be switched flexibly(mbar,kpa,psi,kgf/cm2);
21.1000 user accounts, four level of user management, and each user’s authority can be determined by default or customized methods, more flexible to meet the needs of on-site production and laboratory management, and perfect user information and authority configuration;
22. Can test most up to 12-core 20-inch filter cartridges, which greatly improves the user’s work efficiency;
23.Rich data interface, the instrument not only includes standard digital and analog interfaces (RS232 / USB), but also can customize a variety of industrial buses and analog control ports according to customer needs to prepare for intelligent upgrade of the system, such as online full automation supporting bacteria control system;
24.The independent R & D team can design specific solutions according to the needs of customers. Many years of field experience and strong professional services not only ensure that customers can use the instrument at ease, but also provide technical support for the design and configuration of customer filtration systems.


Technical Parameters:

Power Supply 100–240 VAC, 50HZ, 120W
Operation Pressure 100-10000 mbar (150psi)
Unit Mbar ,kpa, psi, kgf/cm2
Operation Condition Ambient Temperature:+5℃ ~ +40℃;Relative Humidity:10-80%
Dimension(mm) 480(Depth) ×300 (Width) × 210(Height1)
Function Manual Bubble point Test;Basic Bubble Point Test;Extensive Bubble Point Test; Pressure Holding Test;Diffusion FLow Test;Water Immersion Test;Ultrafitration Membrane Test
Test Accuracy Upstream Volume Test:± 4%;Bubble Point Test:± 50mbar ; Diffusion Flow Test:± 4% ;Water Immersion:± 0.01ml
Test Scope BP:100-8000mbar   DF:1-900ml/min     WI:0.01-100ml/min
Applied Range Symmetric and asymmetric membrane test, needle filters, capsule filters, flat filters, cartridge filters (within 12 cores and 20 inches), ultrafiltration membrane packages, ultrafiltration columns, various irregular filters
Audit Trial Audit trail records can exportable and ireeversible
Authority Management User Name and Password to Login ,4 Authority Grades,meeting the FDA 21CFR PART 11requirements
Reservation Solution(programs) 1000sets
Audit trail record storage ≥5 years storage
Anti-backflow(liquid) device Customization
Number of users 1000sets
Operating System Linux system
Operation Interface Chinese and English bilingual operation interface
Dust and splash level IP54 , Front is IP65
Print Function Built-in printer,can control on PC;choose subject
Historical Record 300000 sets records storage
Records Copy Support USB disk to export (include test curve);
Display Screen High definition 10 inch ,color touch screen;
Serial Connection RS232/USB/Support wireless connection;
Language Chinese/English
Work Mode Online/Offline
Applicable Environment Above D level
Weight  10KG

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