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Product Description

This BN-PT01 Automatic thickness meter is a special instrument for measuring the thickness of paper and cardboard. It adopts a high-precision displacement sensor and has a unique tightness calculation function. It has the advantages of advanced technology, complete functions, reliable performance, and easy operation. It is an ideal test equipment for industries and departments such as quality supervision and inspection.

Test standard:

ISO 4593, ISO 534, ISO438, ASTM D6988, ASTM F2251, GB/T 6672, GB/T 451.3, TAPPI T411, BS 2782-6, DIN 53370, ISO 3034, ISO 9073-2, ISO 12625-3, ISO 5084 , ASTM D374, ASTM D1777, ASTM D3652, GB/T 6547, GB/T 24218.2, FEFCO No 3, EN 1942, JIS K6250, JIS K6783, JIS Z1702

1. High precision
Using high-precision sensors, the resolution can reach 0.001mm.
2. Good stability
3. Easy to use and easy to operate
Large-screen English color touch screen display, friendly man-machine interface operation, fully automatic test, with test data statistical processing function, miniature printer output.
4. Convenient measurement
Quantitatively placed in the parameter setting, the tightness calculation function can be realized.
5. Data communication
The user can transmit the test data to the computer through the host computer software through the router, and generate a report.


Technical parameters:

Measuring range (0~5)mm
Resolution 0.001mm
Indication error ±0.0025mm or ±0.5%
Indication volatility ≤0.0025mm or ≤0.5%
Parallelism between two measuring surfaces ≤0.002mm
Contact area Paper(200±5)mm2;

film (50±1) mm2

Probe diameter (φ16±0.5) mm

Contact pressure Paper(100±10)kPa (can be changed); film (17.5±1) kPa (other pressures can be customized)
Probe down speed ≤3mm/s
Dimensions (L*W*H) mm 320*310*380
weight About 25kg

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