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Product Description

BN-8053-01A Laboratory Papermaking Pulp Hand Sheet Former (water cycle sheet former )is a paper sheet forming machine used by the papermaking laboratory to make paper pulp. This machine is fast, stable and reliable, with small size, convenient for disassembly and operation, white water circulation, electric water supply, aerodynamic bubble homogenizer and manual homogenization. It can quickly discharge water and can be vacuum-assisted. Stainless steel cabinet.

ISO 5269/2 & ISO 5269/3, 5269/2, NBR 14380/99, TAPPI T-205, DIN 54358, GB/T 24324-2009, QB/T3703-1999

Technical parameters:

  • Applied: 0~1000CSF
  • Pulp capacity: 11000ml
  • Sample diameter: round, Φ ≦ 200mm, square and other dimensions to be customized.
  • Molding part material: 304# stainless steel
  • Molding weight range: The minimum forming weight is 5g, and the highest thickness can achieve about 30mm sheet material. The specific weight and thickness should be determined according to the type of fiber.
  • Uniformity index: uniformity of 40~110, depending on the type of fiber and the degree of beating.
  • Mesh selection: 80/100/120/200/300/400/500, one of the meshes equipped according to different fiber characteristics
  • High pressure dewatering control system: equipped with high pressure back suction high vacuum system
  • Molded mesh outer diameter: Φ257mm
  • Material: 304# stainless steel
  • Drainage mesh material: pure bronze
  • Water discharge efficiency: 0.7/4h/cm2
  • Drainage protection: with drain back protection
  • Three layers of filter: 314-397-363cm2
  • Sink: 20Cir
  • Water leakage aperture: Φ3mm
  • Drainage protection: with drain back protection
  • Flatness: 18mmH
  • Three-stage drainage: 20-160-710mm
  • Heating power: 1.6kw × 2 sets, vacuum pump motor power: 0.25kw × 2 sets, total power about 4kw
  • Dimensions: 1500mm × 800mm × 1450mm
  • Power: AC220v, 50Hz
  • With white water circulation, and pneumatic stirring function and vacuum drying*two

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